Hardwoods Overview

Consistency, Color and Superior Quality are words that best describe the lumber and wood products that Inter-State Hardwoods manufactures.

Our hardwood lumber comes from timber grown in a “true” Northern Appalachian region. This affords Inter-State Hardwoods the ability to offer both good widths and lengths while still maintaining the natural beauty and consistent color created by a short growing season. It is this ability that immediately sets Inter-State Hardwoods apart from other lumber companies. Many of our competitors that have multiple locations also both purchase and transport their timber hundreds of miles to be processed. By doing this you give up “consistency” in grade, quality and color. Ninety percent of our timber is harvested within seventy five miles of our sawmill with the remaining ten percent being no further than one hundred miles. Proximity to our timber along with our 40 acre single site manufacturing facility which includes our sawmill and dry kilns, as well as, our finishing and moulding facilities, further enables Inter-State Hardwoods to provide the most consistent products available in todays market place. When you add the many years of experience involved with developing specie unique drying schedules and production practices, you know you are buying the most consistent and highest quality lumber available.

The NHLA is the governing body of our industry and they have established standard grade rules. However, in today’s market many customers require a better quality of lumber than what is required by the NHLA grades. In order to provide a higher quality product to our customers, Inter-State Hardwoods has developed specie specific drying schedules, as well as, implemented production guidelines unique to Inter-State Hardwoods. Whether producing the “whitest” Maples through implementation of our unique handling and production guidelines to simply giving surfaced lumber another look as it exits the planer are but a few steps that are taken to ensure that lumber purchased from Inter-State Hardwoods is the most consistent and highest quality hardwood lumber available in today’s demanding marketplace.

In order to keep the Appalachian hardwood forests as a resource that meets present needs without compromising those of future generations all of Inter-State Hardwoods products have been certified by the AHMI as “Appalachian Hardwoods Verified Sustainable”.

Please take a moment to review each species, which includes a photo and detailed description of characteristics, properties and uses.