Our Staff

Gene Frazee - Founder

In 1962, Gene joined the family business at the Kingwood, WV mill. In 1966 he helped expand the company with the addition of the mill in Bartow, WV. Over the next several years, under his supervision, Inter-State Hardwoods went through several upgrades and improvements. These include the current double band mill in operation today, the double sided scrag mill, the dry kilns and the planing operation. In addition other expansions include a lumber treating facility at both the Kingwood Mill and another facility, H. B. Arrison located in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania. H.B. Arrison is still in full operation today. He also added Inter-State Hardwoods in Hazelton, West Virginia as a custom pallet facility. This facility is also in full operation. Effective July 1, 1989, the Bartow Division of Inter-State Lumber Company, Inc. became Inter-State Hardwoods Company, Inc., a separate corporation, under his direction.
(Gene Frazee, April 3, 1933 - December 24, 2012)

Bryan Vernon – President

Graduated from Georgia State University in 1988 with a degree in finance. He began working for Inter-State Hardwoods in 1993 as a salesman in the Norcross, GA sales office / warehouse. After graduating from the NHLA Short Grading course, building up sales and expanding the Norcross office he and his family moved to McHenry, Maryland in 2001 to become Vice President. In the fall of 2007, Bryan became President of Inter-State Hardwoods.

Barry Frazee – Vice President

Son of our CEO, Gene Frazee, Barry has worked for Inter-State Hardwoods many years and currently is Vice President of Inter-State Hardwoods.

Donnie Nottingham – Mill Manager

Began working in the hardwood industry for the Greenbank Mills for ten years. He graduated the NHLA Inspection School in 1959. He began working for Inter-State Hardwoods in 1966 as the yard foreman and lumber grader. Donnie has served Inter-State for the past 25 years as our mill manager.

Allen Sisler – Operations Manager

Began working with Inter-State Hardwoods (formerly Interstate Lumber) at the Kingwood, WV mill. While working there, he attended the NHLA Short Grading Course. He then moved to the Hazelton, WV plant where he graded lumber and served as plant manager. He moved to Bartow, WV in 1991 and became our chief grader and day shift supervisor and currently serves as Operations Manager.

Rob Walthour – District Sales Manager

Began working in the distribution side of the Hardwood Industry in 1990 in Kentucky. He relocated to North Georgia in 1995 and continued working within the distribution side of the business in sales, purchasing and management. He went to work for Inter-State Hardwoods in 2000 as District Sales Manager and took over management of the Norcross, GA Sales Office and warehouse. He also attended and graduated from the NHLA Short Grading Course in 2000.

Junco Felix – Sales

Began working in the industry in the mid-1980’s as a purchasing agent for a furniture company in Los Angeles. In 2002, she took a 180-degree turn by becoming a salesperson for an Appalachian hardwood sawmill. She completed the lumber grading short course at the West Virginia Wood Technology Center in May of 2002. Junco joined the Inter-State Hardwoods Sales Team by creating a presence for us on the U. S. West Coast. Through the use of her Japanese and Spanish language skills, she has helped expand Inter-State Hardwood’s business beyond the domestic market.