October 2007
"We have been buying lumber from Inter-State Hardwoods for over 12 years now. We cater to many different levels of customers with different expectations and Inter-State has provided us with the highest quality lumber that allows us to cater to those customers which require the top quality beautiful colored lumber."
November 2007
"Inter-State Hardwoods has provided superior products for us for many years. Their Cherry lumber cannot be matched by any competitor and the nice white color of the Soft Maple has allowed us to become the first call for customers in our area when buying hardwood lumber. It sounds corny, but its almost like taking candy from a baby!"
August 2007
"The consistency of products provided to our distribution yards by Inter-State Hardwoods now has given our sales staff the confidence that we have struggled with for many years to be successful in selling large quantities of hardwood lumber."
September 2007
"One of the most important things to myself as a buyer when dealing with our vendors is service. Inter-State Hardwoods has NEVER late on any delivery. The ability for them to not only get the load here when committed, but the ability to keep the loads dry and looking nice with their curtain side trailers is why they get first shot at hardwood lumbers orders with us. Barring an act of God, if they say it will be here on a certain day, it will be here!"
August 2007
"We started using Inter-State Hardwoods due to the fact of their ability to machine lumber, both surfacing and straight line ripping and do a consistent, quality job. We used to sell primarily rough lumber, but now our market dictates primarily good surfaced and ripped lumber and they have done a great job providing us with that. We now buy our S4S products as well as our 3” & 4” crown moulding from them as well, and have been VERY pleased with these products."